Tact Carbine 2

This is a course that requires completion of Tactical Carbine I. This course is designed for those that are familiar with firearms, and have had tactical carbine training. It is designed for those that are looking to take their skills to the next level.

*** ~ Sign in starts at 8AM ~ ***
Safety Briefing at 8:45
Clinic 9 AM until 5 PM

In this course you will learn:

• Firearm safety

• Firearm operation

• Grip

• Presentation

• Defensive marksmanship and more

You will need:

• Your safe/in working order AR-15/Carbine style rifles (contact us with questions).

• 250 rounds ammunition or more

• 6 or more magazines

• Magazine pouches / Magazine carrier (LBV or Chest Rig)

· Tactical rifle sling

· Eye and hearing protection

· A collapsible chair

· Stapler and staples for hanging targets

· Lunch, snacks, and WATER

• Sturdy belt

• Ear and eye protection

• Ballcap or brimmed hat

• Closed toe shoes or boots

• No V-neck or sleeveless shirts

All instruction is done right on the range.

We will have a discussion during lunch break so pack a lunch and plan on sticking around.

Event Registration with Range Fee ($100)

For more information please see the What To Bring section for tactical carbine

For questions: Email: info@